Sometimes Great People Will Work For Free

The headline is not a ruse just to get you to read this post. It’s really true, there are excellent people out there who will help you for nothing, or next to nothing, just for the benefit of being able to build their portfolio or resume or even just to keep up their skills.

In a deep recession, people do a lot of things they wouldn’t normally do, and if you’re smart and a little lucky you can leverage that.

I currently have no less than FOUR people working on Grouvia for free (if you count me it’s five), and I’d like to introduce them to you.

  • DK – 50-some odd years in sales and marketing. He’s helping me because he’s a family member and he loves me and wants to help me succeed.
  • RR – Consultant. 20+ years in IT, from programming to system analysis to user interface design. Smart, excellent communicator, highly organized and a super-nice person. She’s doing it because I ran out of cash to pay her and she wants to see it through and is not otherwise employed (but continues to seek a paying gig).
  • CT – young hungry self-taught graphic designer I met through LinkedIn. Needs to build her portfolio and add to her client list and willing to work pro-bono to get references.
  • DR – Marketing and Communications professional with 15+ years of experience in arts and non-profit sector. Currently not working and heard about the Grouvia project through a friend, and wants to help out as well as learn new skills related to the technology sector.

If and when Grouvia makes it to the big time I will give something back to all of these people. In the meantime, not a day goes by that I don’t realize how truly lucky I am that these wonderful talented people have seen enough potential value in Grouvia to give their time to help it succeed.

We should all be looking for every opportunity to utilize an untapped resource, with an eye toward giving back wherever and whenever possible.

* * *
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One Response to “Sometimes Great People Will Work For Free”

  1. Steven Milstein Says:

    Lisa, I'm in a very similar position & am just about to scale up. In my case, I call it Work-For-Attribution 🙂

    Good luck

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