Why do we think people know this stuff?

I’m overwhelmed right now trying to get the public site up and running so I can use my Google AdWords promotional credit by the end of the month. As a bootstrapper I can’t afford to miss out on $250 worth of free advertising can I ??? Hell, no!

Anyway, here’s my very brief post for this week…

I saw this incredible video the other day on the grokdotcom web site (love those guys).


Watch it and be amazed. Then come back here and read the rest.

Did you watch it yet? Ok.

This was a real eye-opener for me. I thought I had a pretty good sense of what people generally do and don’t know about browsing the web, but this was just astonishing. I get that most people don’t pay attention to the details of HOW it works, just that it gets them what they need. Kind of like driving a car. I don’t particularly care HOW it works, but I do care that it gets me from Point A to Point B. But I know what a “dashboard” is and I know what a “steering wheel” is and I know what the “rearview mirrors” are. I mean, c’mon this is everyday stuff that everyone knows… right? Right?!?!

Essentially this just hammers home the fact that our strategy of keeping things very simple is ultra important. From the beginning we have been very careful to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible while still offering a feature-rich experience. We must be diligent to make sure nothing slips through the cracks here. It can be very tempting when developing software to let “feature creep” (aka “scope creep”) run amok.

Okay, sorry for the quickie, but I have to get back to the grind. BTW, I have received a few proposals from my RFP and they look encouraging. I look forward to sharing some results with you next week. Until then!

* * *


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