Into the Fire

Well, things are definitely heating up on the Grouvia landscape.

I sit here wolfing down tofu curry from Wegmans (delish!) and hoping I can get in a good after-dinner walk with my dog. She really loves our nightly walks and I hate to disappoint her.

I can barely remember what all I did this week, it was a hurricane of activity.

Ok, I finally hired a marketer/copywriter, whom I so-far ADORE. His name is Karl Schmieder and I think I’m pretty lucky to get him. His web site and blog are here: He gets what grouvia is all about and so far is super-easy to work with and knows all the stuff I don’t know about marketing and advertising that is going to be so crucial to the launch of this product.

I also finished all my mockups to hand over to the IA/designer. I have a colleague working with me to complete these, and she will also work on the functional specs. She is AWESOME and she’s doing me a huge favor by working with me on this. I’m so lucky to have her assistance, I don’t even know how I’d do it without her help.

Ya know, I think sometimes people must think I have a money tree in my backyard or something. Of *course* I’m going to ask for as much as I can get for as little cost as possible. Why would someone be surprised about that? That’s the way bootstrapping works. It’s called “negotiation” — hello???

Well at any rate… it was a stressful but productive week, and I got a lot of little details ironed out. There are a lot still left to tackle, but not as many as there were last week :-).

Oh one other thing, Karl wants me to change blogs. It’s a good idea. I need to move this blog to another domain, and convert this one into one that’s friendlier and more useful to Grouvia’s target audience. Yeah, he’s right. And I appreciate the way he thinks. It was a problem I didn’t know how to resolve. Now I do. Just like that.


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