Fitness While You Work

I am a shameless multi-tasker, and that has both gotten me in trouble and served me well many times, thankfully mostly the latter. At my previous company we once tried to have a “no multitasking day” and we all failed.

As entrepreneurs, we have to step up the pace, even more than what we would normally tolerate. We have more to do in less time, and one of the things that suffers is our health. Specifically, good eating habits and exercise. I’m not an exercise fanatic or anything, but I’m in my late 40’s and I realize the value of a consistent exercise regimen and healthy eating habits. I refuse to let work get in the way of this. What good will it do anyone if I die of a heart attack or have a stroke when I’m 60. Right?!?!

So, I read business magazines while I walk on my treadmill. I listen to audiobooks while I jog, I watch CNN while I lift weights in my basement. I do isometric exercises while I’m listening to conference calls, and I stretch while attending webinars. And I change things around often.

Don’t laugh. It’s the only way I can make sure I do it. Some day I’ll also talk to you about how I manage to eat right. But for now, the next time you’re on a conference call, do a stretching routine – neck, back, arms, legs. If you’re sitting in traffic, start squeezing that pelvic floor — better yet, listen to an audiobook at the same time.

Resources: has most books available in digital format that can be downloaded to your mp3 player. I’ve been a member for years and the monthly fee is worth every penny!
– Many local libraries have downloadable books for FREE!
– Google “isometric exercises” or “easy stretches” to print off a quick list of brainless workouts to do while doing other things.
Wal-Mart and Target both have cheap hand-weight sets you can buy to keep in your home office. Or use soup cans or bookends or cans of paint if that’s all you can find. Be creative.

Just do it.


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