What’s in a Name?

I never had a child so I can’t imagine what it’s like to give a new child a name.  Naming a web site on the other hand, is something I’ve done many times.  So why is this one so difficult?

Let me tell you, good domain names are hard to find.  This is not just naming a company or naming a regular consumable product.  The web site’s domain name is the name of the product, because the web site IS the product!  I must have been through 1,000 names before coming up with Juntopia, and I thought it was pretty clever at the time and was shocked nobody had thought of it.  Thankfully domain names are cheap so it’s no big deal to grab it up and then end up not using it.  You know where I’m going with this, right?

Right.  I’m changing the name.  This was a big deal for me, because I hate wasting time and I feel like the whole process of picking a meaningful (e.g. explainable) name had to be done all over again.  But once I realized that the name doesn’t really need to be all that meaningful, as long as it’s intuitive, memorable, and easy to spell, the process was a lot easier the second time around.  I won’t even go into the explanation of where Juntopia came from and why it’s meaningful, it’s a moot point now.

Think of the popular web sites that have similar features to Juntopia’s planned features.  Many of them have pretty meaningless, but memorable names.  Most are easy to spell and pronounce.  Digg, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Plurg, XY7, Zanox, you get the picture.  So it boils down to…

– short (10 letters or less and no more than 2 syllables)
– easy to say (relatively)
– memorable in a catchy sort of way

This last one is probably not as important, but I went through a lot of names that just seemed, well, weird.  Gorpia, TurnLeftAhead, Grouption, GrateGroops, Froupster, Weevia, Cluboom, Urgroupz, Commongrounders, and lots more.  Most of the weird ones were also already taken.  What do these people do with all these bizarre domain names?  Many of these URLs just get a “server not found” error.  But… I digress.

I’m going to hold you in suspense for another week because even though I’ve decided on, and purchased, the new name, I want to savor it as my secret domain name for just a little while.


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