Are you my buyer?

I read a book last month by David Meerman Scott called The New Rules of Marketing and PR.  It came out a few months ago and is very relevant to Web 2.0 and New Media and all the current marketing topics.  This guy is very smart and has a lot of brilliant things to say.

One thing that has been gnawing at me is his suggestion to create buyer personas.  Basically this is kind of a Living Breathing Avatar who represents one user community, and you create one for each of your different types of users.  The reason it’s gnawing at me is because I believe juntopia will have many *many* different types of user communities.  Sports enthusiasts, nuclear families, extended families, professionals, lobbyists, churches, hobbyists, activists, political action committees, recovering addicts, you name it.

Any kind of group will be able to take advantage of Juntopia’s features.  That’s the beauty of it.

That’s also part of the complexity of the marketing plan.  How do you target all these people?  Well, I have to start somewhere, and from all I hear — the narrower the better.  So let’s say I choose a handful of active outdoor types that fit into a particular demographic.  These would be golfers, runners, skiers (both kinds), cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers, and mountain climbers, just to name a few (although there are probably about a dozen of these that I could include).  The demographic is broad but definable – health-conscious adults 25-55 with disposable income, a competitive personality, and spare time to devote to their sport.

I can even narrow it down further to include only, say, cyclists and golfers.  This would shift the age group up a bit, bring up the average income level, and skew it toward men.  Is this a narrow enough demographic to start with?  I could go either way — narrow it further to only one sport, which might skew my results (maybe golfers have no use for online groups) or I could broaden it out to include more club types – and then have to manage the tracking of all the resulting data.

I wonder what others have done in similar situations that worked for them?  Maybe I need to go back to my books on this.  I have to nail this down before I can complete my marketing plan.  And I need to complete my marketing plan before I can do a lot of other stuff.

One more thing…  Read that book I mentioned earlier, David Scott’s new one.  I highly recommend it if you have anything to do with marketing for your organization, and even if you don’t you’ll still get something interesting out of it.


2 Responses to “Are you my buyer?”

  1. David Meerman Scott Says:

    My friend Adele Revella writes a great blog

    She talks about a sign in her dentists office that says: “You don’t have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” same with buyer personas.

    thanks for referencing my book

  2. Lisa Pecunia Says:

    Thanks for the link David. I’m reading Adele’s blog and already have information I can use, since we’re just starting to design our first survey.

    thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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