Just Get the Train on the Tracks

My Dad has this analogy about starting big projects — just get the train on the tracks and get it moving and then you can start adding the seats and windows and lettering and whistle and all the other stuff it needs.

I have a chronic case of analysis paralysis.  Of course every large project starts with research.  The thing is… I don’t know when to stop.  When do I have enough data?  Every new finding generates more questions that need to be answered.  It feeds itself and becomes a project in and of itself.  At dinner the other night, I was telling some friends about this — how I am stuck in research mode and can’t get out.  They both encouraged me (strongly!) to just pick the most important feature and get it out there.

Yeah, good point.  Duh.  I knew that.It was already pretty clear that the Event Calendar would be Juntopia’s primary feature and so I started to design the database.  Doing this always gets me going in a good solid direction, and helps me put tangible-ness to an idea.  I started looking at my drawings from a month ago where I had identified all the “objects” I could think of that would make up this critical feature, and wouldn’t ya know it, I had it all done already!  So all I had to do was get it from the paper into the computer in database format.  EZ! Now, what to do with all that data we’ve been collecting?  More on that next week.  In the meantime, I’m on a roll.

Thanks Dad (and Patty and Kris).


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