The Amazing Disappearing Navigation Trick

Why is it that most e-commerce sites with shopping carts corner you when you get to a certain point in the checkout process?  Are they afraid you might click the wrong button and end up leaving without buying?  What benefit could it possibly have to not show the person the exit door until after they’ve forked over the cash?  Imagine yourself in a physical retail establishment where they hide the exit signs until you’ve signed your credit card receipt — how creepy would that be?

I’ve been known to abandon my shopping cart on numerous (perhaps hundreds) of occasions.  If I change my mind about my purchase, *nothing* is going to stop me from leaving.

Many times I’ve actually decided to go back and buy MORE stuff so I can get a better deal on shipping for example.  But if the navigation has disappeared, I’ve got to work that much harder.

Now, maybe I’m smarter than the average bear, but I don’t think many people are really fooled by this, nor are they discouraged from leaving without paying, if they really want to leave.

Juntopia [Grouvia] will never do this to people.  There will never ever be any feature that makes people feel cornered or lost or confused.  That is my mission.


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