Just keep your head down

Yesterday I went for a run after spending the day doing techy stuff like getting this blog up and running and tweaking the lame excuses I call web sites that support this project. I was getting discouraged because *everything* was taking 10 times longer than it should have and I have so much still ahead of me.

So I said screw it — I need a break. I had taken about 10 days off from running due to a nasty cold and then procrastination so I was not expecting much out of myself at any rate. About 2-1/2 miles into the run I was feeling ok and I realized something. I had my running cap on and it was pulled low and I could only see about 30 feet of the road in front of me (don’t fret I was running in my nice-safe-25mph-speed-limit-residential-neighborhood) and I looked up briefly. That brief look jolted me and I put my head down again. I did not even expect to make it the whole 3.1 miles, but I realized that if I just concentrate on the 20 feet in front of me I wouldn’t think about the fact that I still had another .6 miles to go (ugh!) and before I knew it I was at the end.

5K 37:20 blech

So, I need to do that with this project. I need to put my head down and just focus on the immediate task in front of me and not worry about the *scads* of work left to do before I can even think about going live.

Yup, that’s what I’m gonna do.


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